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3 Things You Should Demand Of People Who Do Your Home Maintenance

You’ve been looking for, and failing to find, a great home maintenance company. Those you called seemed ok, but flaked in the end. So now you need advice. What should you be demanding of the people who do your home maintenance?


The first is just common courtesy, but needs to be said. They need to be reliable. They need to show up when they say they will. 3 Things You Should Demand Of People Who Do Your Home MaintenanceYour time is precious, as is the time of your tenants. So if the property management company or property manager starts acting like the cable company (you know “I’ll be there between 8am and 5pm” and doesn’t show until 7pm), without calling to explain and reschedule, you need to be looking elsewhere. Emergencies happen of course, but chronically being late or not showing up is unacceptable.

Respect your property

Next, they need to respect your property. Whether you live there or a tenant does, it’s someone’s home. You or your tenant should be able to leave your valuables and not worry about them disappearing. You or your tenant should be able to come home and not find holes or dents in the wall, scratches on your hardwood floors or damage to your appliances. Respecting your home is respecting you. If they can’t or you feel like you don’t trust them and must be there, then it isn’t saving you time. Look further.

Long term business owner

Lastly, look for a long term business owner. As you have probably found out, there are lots of fly by night property management companies or property managers. Do your homework. Find a company who has been in business for at least 5 to 10 years, if not longer. Check with the Better Business Bureau and your local courts for complaints and lawsuits. Check the public criminal database on the person who will be coming into your property. Be safe, be smart.

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